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Easy/Sloppy Handmade Babar Party Envelopes

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Ok – so the goal is to have a stinking cool-ass birthday party theme without being a Fortune 500 mommy (or Fortune 500 beneficiary) of some kind. I don’t live in Conn. for heaven’s sake (you know why they call it that, right…?)

I basically got the idea from lots of fancy and expensive handmade envelopes I was seeing and an aisle and sale of paper goods at Rite Aid. It’s not the fastest way to do something, but I started thinking about it 2 months in advance, which is good lead time for any project of small proportions. Instructions after the jump.

handmade Babar envelopes.

Handmade envelopes went out with our invites.

Here’s what you need: 

  • manilla 6×9 envelopes (@$2.50 per pack of 6, each 6-pack makes 12)
  • Mead envelopes

    6×9 inch Mead manilla envelopes, just over $2 for a pack of six.

  • sharp scissors
  • old Babar books (I found some for $3 each/free shipping at
  • glue stick
  • cool-looking shipping labels (Rite Aid/$1.50 for tons)
  • Funky shipping labels.

    Cool shipping labels that wound up on most of my envelopes.

  • Photoshop or gimp
  • Knowledge of how to use Photoshop or gimp (I think it’s doable Microsoft Word, too)
  • A few nice selections from loaded on your computer (we used ‘commercial script’ for the de Brunhoff cursive and ‘cute cartoon’ for the Wes Anderson-looking block font.)
  • A digital image you like of Babar scene

Step 1. Mark the manilla envelopes with two lines midway down. These are guides for where you will pierce, and then cut them into two new envelopes.

Slice in manila envelope

A slice along the side of the manila envelope.

Step 2. Pierce the side at the lower mark (closer to the base) and pull open the envelope. On one side, cut along the lower marking. On the opposing envelope’s side, cut along the upper marking. Now you have two pieces.


Step 3.  Shape the cuts so they make flaps, and fold the flaps down and up, respective of which side they’re on.


Step 4. Glue the edge down.


Step 5. Pick a good spot to stick a label on an envelope and do it now. Or else be like me, and jump to Step 6 half the time.

Step 6. Cut out a stupid-adorable image from a book you definitely don’t want to keep. Glue it on an envelope. (A good one might be Babar’s Battle, about a blood feud waged over water, or Babar Saves the Day, which is just full of all kinds of band-member acrimony.)

Often I will put the label on afterwards, and wind up cutting down the label’s size to suit the cartoon scenario. Both systems work OK.


Babar handmade envelope

My favorite envelope. I forgot to leave room for a label!


For instructions on invitations, visit the next tutorial.







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