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Easy/Sloppy Handmade Babar Party Envelopes

Ok – so the goal is to have a stinking cool-ass birthday party theme without being a Fortune 500 mommy (or Fortune 500 beneficiary) of some kind. I don’t live in Conn. for heaven’s sake (you know why they call it that, right…?)

I basically got the idea from lots of fancy and expensive handmade envelopes I was seeing and an aisle and sale of paper goods at Rite Aid. It’s not the fastest way to do something, but I started thinking about it 2 months in advance, which is good lead time for any project of small proportions. Instructions after the jump.

handmade Babar envelopes.

Handmade envelopes went out with our invites.

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Pinterest is Not How We Mother

There are a lot of things I never thought I’d do as a mom. One is picking up poop with my bare hand. Another is biting my child back. Most recently, it’s cutting images out of children’s books for a stinking crafty birthday party project.

But here we are.

The idea of course, came from the internet, as all good ones do these days. The downside to that is, it doesn’t feel remotely unique, and half the coolest parts look both homemade-cute and way too time-consuming for my level of commitment and interest. I’m looking at stuff on Etsy that’s got the balls to charge $75 for 25 birthday party invitations or $2.50 PER envelope alone just to have a cutesy Babar theme.

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